Easy Writing Habits

Easy Writing Habits

Learn how to build an effortless novel writing habit that makes it easy to finish 1st drafts in just 2-3 months - and launch your successful author career.

What do my students say?

Dear writer,Does this sound like you?“I’ve got all these story ideas, but I just can’t find the time to write.”“My schedule is so busy and draining, and it gives me no energy to work on my book.”“Sometimes I can be productive with my writing, but I just can’t stay consistent.”“I really want to finish a novel, but procrastination keeps getting in the way. It makes me feel like I’m not living the life I want.”“Even when I get time to write, I have no idea what to write about.”

80% of people say they want to write a book.

But out of the small number who actually start, only 3% ever finish a first draft.And to me, that’s a huge tragedy.Because nothing feels more exciting than finishing your book and unleashing your story into the world.

Hey, I'm Jed

I’ve written over a million words, which has resulted in four published fantasy novels and a video game.But it’s taken me a lot of time (and a lot of mistakes) to get here…

When I started writing my first novel, back in 2012 (when I was just a school student), I had no idea what I was doing.No plan.No structure.No understanding of plot, or character, or theme.And certainly no understanding of how to create a solid writing habit.I floundered around, struggling to carve out time from my studies.Some days, I would be productive, and feel like I was on a roll.Other days, even getting 50 words down on the page felt like a nightmare.And there were plenty of days where I just couldn’t find time to write at all.

Still, I knew there was something there...

I knew that I was falling in love with writing.Even though my writing was inconsistent, and even though my story was a mess, I felt like I’d finally found my calling.

And after 360 days of struggle, in July 2013, I finally finished my first draft.That book was called The Aeon Academy. The first draft clocked in at around 87,000 words …And it was a disaster.

The dialogue was corny and clichéd.The plot barely made sense.And I didn’t even come up with my villain until the third last chapter (whoops!).But still, I was hooked. Writing this book had brought me so much joy.I knew that I wanted to take writing seriously.I knew that this was my passion.But I also knew that if I wanted to pursue that passion, I had to get better at this craft.So that’s what I did. I dove back into editing The Aeon Academy, rewriting it from scratch several times. And when I realised that the story just wasn’t getting there, I made the hard decision to move onto another novel.

And then something shocking happened...

The first draft of The Aeon Academy took me 360 days to write. And the final result was, well - kind of bad.But this next book, Across the Broken Stars, only took me 60 days to write the first draft. And the final result was good enough to later be published - and receive amazing praise from readers.

What changed? My Habits.

After finishing my first draft of The Aeon Academy, I became obsessed with studying the craft of writing and the science of productivity. I devoured countless books, podcasts, and videos on the topic.

And from all that learning, I was able to develop a system that let me easily stay consistent with my writing - even though I had moved on to studying a demanding architecture course where students would regularly pull all-nighters for weeks on end just to get their assignments done.Still, I thought it may have been a fluke. Maybe I just got lucky.But as I progressed with my writing, I realised it was no fluke.Thanks to the process I’d developed, I was able to consistently produce high-quality first drafts in just a couple of months.Here’s some examples:

  • Masks of Steel (fantasy novel) - 89 days to write a 1st draft of 115,000 words.

  • Fires of the Dead (fantasy novella) - 24 days to write a 1st draft of 23,000 words.

  • The Sands of Truth (fantasy novel) - 60 days to write a 1st draft of 90,000 words.

  • The Thunder Heist (fantasy novel) - 42 days to write a 1st draft of 64,645 words.

I haven’t sought publication with all of these books (yet) - and some of them were simply exercises in better learning my craft as a writer.But Fires of the Dead and The Thunder Heist have also joined Across the Broken Stars on the shelves of many readers around the world.

After The Thunder Heist, I took on my most ambitious project yet: an interactive fiction video game (sort of like a massive choose-your-own-adventure book) for Choice of Games.Siege of Treboulain clocked in around 280,000 words. It quickly became one of Choice of Games’ bestselling titles, with over 2,150+ reviews.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve written over a million words.Thanks to the system I’ve developed, I know that I can consistently finish quality novels that readers love.I know that I can take the ideas and the stories in my head - and I can unleash them onto the page.This is all because I’ve developed writing and editing habits that are consistent, sustainable, and enjoyable.And now, I want to help you do the same.


Easy Writing Habits

Your step-by-step system for developing a consistent and enjoyable writing habit that lets you finish your first drafts - fast.

Easy Writing Habits is a self-paced video course designed to help you build a world-class writing routine in the quickest time possible.This isn’t just a bunch of random videos thrown at the wall.This course will give you a precise, step-by-step system - a series of simple, tangible actions which will dramatically improve your productivity and quality as a writer.Best of all, the course is designed to teach you this skill as quickly as possible.Most students will be able to complete the course and start seeing the immediate benefits within 1-2 weeks (or even quicker if you like to binge videos like me).Inside the course, you’ll learn:

  • How to use the Hexagon of Intensity to double (or triple) your daily word counts.

  • Simple tactics for creating time to write, no matter how hectic your schedule is.

  • How to unlock abundant creative energy to work on your book (even with a draining day job).

  • The mindset that separates successful authors from failed writers.

  • How you can fall in love with the process of writing - especially when it’s tough.

  • My exact planning system that helps me writer faster, better stories.

  • What to do when you don’t know what to write about.

  • The science of habit formation, and how you can hack the ‘Habit Loop’ to make your writing feel effortless.

  • How to build a sustainable, lifelong writing habit.

  • The secret for overcoming writer’s block and pushing through the Resistance.

…and lots more.To give you a taste of the course, check out the sample lesson below:

sample lesson

end before you exhaust your ideas

This course provides lifetime membership.Once you enrol, you’ll have lifetime access to all future updates and new content - for free (even if the price goes up).

The fastest way to build better writing habits

what's inside the course?

The course contains 14 video lessons, along with additional downloadable resources, templates, and notes.All lessons are available in audio as well (for easy listening on the go).Each lesson is short, engaging, and highly actionable, designed to help you quickly level up as a writer.Here's all the lessons you'll get when you join the course:

1) The Master Storyteller MindsetLearn the mental frames that separate failed writers from successful authors.

2) Overcoming the ResistanceDiscover how to defeat procrastination and embrace your creativity.

3) How to Love the ProcessLearn how to enhance your enjoyment of writing and embrace the struggles of the process.

4) The Role of PlanningNever face the ‘I don’t know what to write’ syndrome again with my 7-point outlining system.

5) Unlocking Abundant Creative EnergyTactics for boosting your energy so that you feel focussed and eager to write (even with a draining work schedule).

6) Harnessing the Science of Habit FormationHack your brain with the ‘Habit Loop’ to destroy bad habits and make yourself feel like you can’t stop writing.

7) Doubling Your Word CountsDiscover how the ‘Hexagon of Intensity’ can 2x your writing speed (and improve your quality at the same time).

8) Tracking your ProgressLearn how to gamify your productivity to build consistency and joy (and make yourself addicted to writing).

9) The Power of a ‘Writer’s Brief’See how a simple 5-minute practice can overcome writer’s block.

10) End Before you Run Out of IdeasLearn how Hemmingway's advice on doing less can help you achieve more.

11) Balancing Writing and LifeLearn how to carve out more time for writing while still thriving at work, with your family, and with your health.

12) Do this when your motivation failsEvidence-based strategies for getting back into writing when your enthusiasm flags.

13) The Most Important Writing HabitDiscover the single most important practice for achieving success as an author.

14) The Lifelong WriterSee how to make your habits sustainable, and set yourself on the path of continual growth.

how much does this cost?

To learn my writing habits system in my 1-on-1 Story Coaching program costs $1000s of dollars.Of course, my Story Coaching program involves a lot more than just habits - it also involves detailed edits, plot critiques, and direct help for building better characters, prose, dialogue, structure, and working on all the other aspects of your story.However, because it’s such an intensive, 1-on-1 program, I’m unfortunately only able to accept a small handful of the writers who apply to work with me.That’s why I created this course.I’ve seen the power of this habits-building system, both for myself, and for my Story Coaching clients.And I want to make this system available to everyone, without needing to be selected for my coaching program.That’s why you can enroll in Easy Writing Habits for just $97.The skills you’ll learn inside this course will set you on the path to becoming a successful author who consistently writes amazing books.So if you know that this is something you want from your life, and you’re ready to commit to this, there will never be a better time than right now.Click the 'join now' button to gain instant access to Easy Writing Habits, and I’ll see you inside the course!

easy writing habits

Learn how to build an effortless novel writing habit that makes it easy to finish 1st drafts in just 2-3 months - and launch your successful author career.

My promise to you

includes a 30-day money-back guarantee

I want to make sure this course elevates your writing (and your life) to the point where the investment in yourself is a no-brainer.So I’m including an important guarantee.Because I want you to know how confident I am in this program:If you decide that Easy Writing Habits isn’t a fantastic investment for your writing, just let me know within 30 days of purchase and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase.No explanation necessary.If this isn’t awesome for you, I don’t want to keep your money.You can go through the entire course and get every ounce of my knowledge, and if at the end of it you don’t think I’ve delivered above and beyond, you can still get 100% of your money back.I offer this because I know the power of my habits-building-system.And I’m putting my money where my mouth is by making this 100% risk-free for you.Click ‘Join Now’ to get instant access to the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know this will work for me?The short answer: I don’t know. Everyone’s skills and willingness to learn is different, so it’s impossible to know if a program will ‘work’ for you.But here’s what I know for sure:This course contains my absolute best advice and strategies for developing better writing habits.Inside, you’ll learn the exact writing habits system that I’ve refined from producing over one million words, three published fantasy books, and a bestselling video game.I’ve also seen this system produce incredible results for other writers. So, I’m extremely confident that this course will help you build better writing habits - and set you on the path to enjoying a successful author career.But if for whatever reason you don’t become more confident and consistent with your writing habits, that’s where my 30-day money-back guarantee comes in. Email jed.herne1 (at) gmail.com and I’ll give you a full refund.Q: How is this different to your YouTube channel?I love putting out writing advice videos on my YouTube channel, and sharing what I’ve learned from my author journey.However, there’s only so much that I can get across in a short YouTube video.This course goes far deeper - going beyond the channel to give you a step-by-step blueprint to follow. You’ll learn exactly what you need to do to build a consistent writing habit that gives you abundant time and energy to finish your novels, fast.Go through the course and apply the lessons inside, and your writing routine will become far more productive, enjoyable, and effortless.Q: Can I download the videos?The videos can’t be downloaded BUT audio files are available for download for easy listening on the go.Q: I have another question!Email them to me at jed.herne1 (at) gmail.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

easy writing habits

Learn how to build an effortless novel writing habit that makes it easy to finish 1st drafts in just 2-3 months - and launch your successful author career.